An Unexpected Doctor Visit and Surprise Diagnosis

Most schools will immediately notify parents when children have a spike in temperature. That notification came for me today while I was 30 minutes into leading a meeting for our Annual Black History Month Celebration. It was the first meeting we are having since everyone has returned from their holiday vacation/break. I’d received multiple data points from the committee and had several updates to share. My personal phone rang once at 3:28 p.m. I did not answer. My phone rang again at 3:31 p.m. and I picked it up. The teacher for my youngest son was on the other end of the line…(immediately I know this is not a call to tell you about the amazing thing my child did today, I know there is a problem). I hear only part of what she said and responded, “I will be right there.” I step out of the meeting, grab all purse and computer to barrel down the street…#WTH I caught every red light along the way. While driving I am blowing up my husbands phone as we are trying to coordinate who will get the kids, who will pick up dinner and all end up together at the hospital because I think my son is on the brink of death. As I arrive at the school, I quickly pack the kids in the car and we drive to the doctor. We get checked in and husband arrives with dinner in hand. During processing, my youngest son is afraid to get weighed and allow the nurse to take his temperature. Big brother steps in and says, “I will do it.” Nurse swipes is head, looks at mom and say, “he also has a temperature.” #WTH we now have two sick kids. I am worried, dad is slightly worried and the kids are running up and down the hall playing. Wait, what just happened. All of a sudden my youngest has a burst of energy, we are out of pocket for two co-pays and I am trying to calm my nerves because the child that was sick is now a bouncing rabbit, the well kids is actually sick and the doctor is looking at us all like we are new parents. He tried to make light of things while delivering his advice about home remedies that will save us heartache, money and stress in the future.

All I can say is #myburnttoast. The kids ended the night like they always do, snug in their warm beds.  I had to sit and wonder what lesson did I learn today. When it comes to young kids, I’d rather be safe than sorry. As a parent I want to always be there to take care of and comfort my kids. As a career woman I want to have a perfect world where the two roles do not intersect. As a realist, I know it is all blurred and I will roll with it no matter what.

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